The beginning...

Mozambique Holdings Limited is a multifaceted and well diversified business and industrial group in Mozambique. It commenced operation since the inception of free market economy in Mozambique in 1990, during the change over from a totalitarian socialist state when all business and industrial ventures were owned by the state.

In the early nineties we participated actively in the Government's business and industrial restructuring and privatization programme and acquired controlling interests in a number of public sector companies in the services and infrastructure sector with national presence like Sovital E.E., which was the national servicing and distribution company for Russian made vehicles like Lada etc., Emocat E.E. which was national servicing and distribution company for East German made vehicles like IFA etc., Romoc E.E., which was the inter provincial passenger bus company and Anfrena E.E. which was the national freight forwarding and transit warehousing company. Like almost all state-owned companies at the time, these companies were paralyzed with dysfunctional labour force of over 1500.

While the initial challenge was to re-educate and reactivate the workforce to render minimum service in defined areas, the real business opportunities lay in upgradation and revalidation of the infrastructural assets and national network in almost all provincial towns. Keeping in view of the national policy of self reliance in essential services and production, redeployment of labour and import substitution, we took up a number of core sector services and production activities which have now over the years developed into well defined industrial ventures, with a workforce of over 1000 including 42 expatriate managerial and technical staff.